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Fishing for brown trout, sea trout and salmon in the tranquil surroundings of East Lothian

Environmental Projects

The East Lothian Angling Association work with others to support environmental projects to improve and restore the River Tyne and associated habitats. The principal organisations we are working with include the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board, the Forth Rivers Trust, Friends of the Tyne and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

There are a range of ongoing projects underway, or in the pipeline, to improve and restore the River Tyne. These include a programme of works to ease/remove weirs to improve passage of migratory fish and restore natural river processes, control and eradication of invasive plant species, schools projects to bring fish into the classroom, ongoing river ‘tidy-ups’ and other work.

We plan to provide more specific updates on each of these areas and more. Please also read our news feed for more regular updates on these project activities.

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